Artistic research and Resources


At our initiative, or at the invitation of other partners, L’Atelier des Idées is an intimate time-space dedicated to meeting, reflecting, exploring and sharing what underpins the Arrangement Provisoire project and the artistic approaches of Vania Vaneau and Jordi Galí. The Atelier des Idées is a moment of suspension in the daily work of production and creation. It seeks to open up new fields of experimentation and encourage the production of ideas that are more or less directly linked to the work of creation and transmission. It organises exchanges between artists and with other collaborators around practices and themes that are identified but not strictly circumscribed within the perimeter of current activities (plays, workshops, etc.).


In the past, L’Atelier des Idées has had two major events: ZONES DE CONTACT by Vania Vaneau (January 2020), a sensory and performative public experience; and FAIRE(S) COLLECTIF(S) by Jordi Galí (November 2020), a participatory laboratory on the question of doing things together, which laid the foundations for the CACTUS project, to be developed later in 2021.


Within this framework, we are preparing a third major event: an PROJET EDITORIAL which will take place between 2022 and 2024.