The work of Vania Vaneau and Jordi Galí, though very different, converge in their exploration of the body and gesture in relation to matter. They also share a strong and committed interest in transmission and its relationship with artistic creation.


The aim of the Pôle Transmission of Arrangement Provisoire is to pursue a sensitive exploration and structured pooling of the intuitions and knowledge that nourish artistic creation; it is to create shared tools, both aesthetic and pedagogical, that will enable us collectively and individually to broaden the practices of transmission and creation; it is to reflect on the artistic and social issues raised by the question of transmission and the sharing of the approaches and products of artistic creation.


This pôle sees itself as a laboratory for teaching-practices, research and the production of resources that are as empirical and participatory as they are playful. It seeks to question our understanding of our own practices in relation to the body, the object and the vocabulary used to transmit artistic and sensitive practices. It also seeks to clarify and broaden the ways in which we relate to the people for whom these practices are intended, and the potential they generate.


This conceptual and empirical space creates new ways of working with people and generates one-off or reproducible projects that always link research to practice. We try to create innovative propositions that combine experimentation with transmission; propositions based on our own artistic practices that help to create a direct link between artistic creation and people from all walks of life, without discrimination.