Participatory project 17th-27th August 2021

By Vania Vaneau accompanied by Mélina Faka

A Domicile – Guissény



For this participatory project with the residents of Guissény at A Domicile Festival, Vania Vaneau invited a group of women of all ages to work on the creation of her solo Nebula (2021).


“Au-delà les nuages” is a ritual for and by a group of women to revive the body’s relationship with nature. By activating elemental materials such as earth, air and fire, using ancient gestures to invent new beings: a mixture of human, animal and vegetable, divinities and demons.


Based on the physical practices and the body’s connection with the materials used in the piece Nebula, the aim was to create together a post-apocalyptic/animist/body-healing ritual, through an exploration of the earth and the cosmos located in the Guissény landscapes.


Using sand, tools, mirrors, gold leaf, seaweed and other materials, the group linked gestures and movements from the past and the future, the human and the non-human, what’s inside us and what’s around us.



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Created in 2007, this project aims to raise awareness of contemporary dance among people living in Brittany, without excluding any art form.


Artistically directed by Mickaël Phelippeau, assisted by Marie-Laure Caradec, the association invites artists with a background in or close ties to contemporary dance to take up residencies on the Côte des Légendes, where they run workshops that are free and open to everyone.