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Creation in progress 2023 – 2024

by Jordi Galí


Connecting, sharing and welcoming are the three major values promoted by TRAMES, which is offering a group of people from different backgrounds (residents, students, etc.) a time for sensitive and artistic encounters every week between October 2023 and June 2024. The project will take place in various locations in Feyzin, Vénissieux and Corbas. The ultimate aim is to create a collective monumental weaving and share it at a major cultural event (in progress).

Arrangement Provisoire works with two social organisations to co-construct the project and mobilise and support the participants: France Horizon and ANEPA Tremplin. Together we see artistic creation and practice as a genuine lever for emancipation.

For several years now, Jordi Galí has been developing a line of research and design for participatory projects in which the creative process is based on the collaboration and involvement of the participants (each person must find their place in it) and in which the creation of an artistic device is the driving force behind the collective encounter and enables people to become part of a collective, committed to a common action.


Workshops Agenda
On Thursdays’ morning from 9h till 12h

Thursdays 05th & 19th October – France Horizon, Feyzin ++
Thursday 02nd November – Le Corner de Feyzin ++
Thursdays 16th November & 14th & 21st December – L’Epicerie Moderne, Feyzin ++
Thursdays 25th Janvier & 08th February – Centre d’Art CAP St-Fons ++
Thursdays 22nd February & 07th March. – Le Polaris, Corbas ++
Thursdays 14th & 28th March – L’Espace Pandora, Vénissieux ++
Thursdays 11th et 25th April – La Médiathèque de Feyzin ++
Thursdays 23rd Mai & 06th & 20th June – Fort de Feyzin ++

> Free (Reservation highly recommended – 30 place/workshop)
> Free participation in one or more sessions
> Workshops for adults, open to children, with no pre-requisites

Contact & reservation : Arrangement Provisoire – 06 85 63 35 83 – trames@arrangementprovisoire.org


Artistic Director Jordi Galí

Coordination of Partnerships and Financial Management Anne Lise Chrétien

France Horizon Coordinator Karla Valentin, Integration Advisor

ANEPA Tremplin Coordinator Marie-Ève Péguy, Director

Artistic collaborators and contributors Jordi Galí, Vania Vaneau, Jeanne Vallauri, Konrad Kaniuk, Silvère Simon Melina Faka, Barkanan, Julien Penichost, François Payrastre, Renaud Golo, Claire Truche, Thierry Renard, Christophe La Posta, Elodie Elsenberger

This project is supported by Grand Lyon as part of the grant Culture(s) & Solidarité(s) 2023/2024 ; AG2R La Mondiale ; Ville de Feyzin ; France Horizons ; Fondation JM Bruneau et la Fédération des Acteurs de la Solidarité ; L’Epicerie Moderne

Partners  le CAP St-Fons, Le Corner à Feyzin, Elantiel, L’Espace Pandora, le Fort de Feyzin, la Médiathèque de Feyzin, le Polaris, le Pôle Culture & le Pôle Solidarité et citoyenneté de la Ville de Feyzin