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Creation 2017

by Jordi Galí


By setting up a light architectural composition – an ephemeral pavilion made out of wood and rope – Pavillon Fuller proposes a participatory construction device, a sensitive experience of the body in its relation to oneself and to others.


The chosen form (the pavilion) follows the wish to erect a structure that invites people to meet. This construction is intended to become a point of meeting, of rest and discussion. By building it participants collaborate, join forces for a common purpose, and thereby weave links and get to know each other.
Once completed, the structure can continue existing in different ways if the host site wishes.


This pavilion is named Fuller by a double homage: the first is to Richard Buckminster Fuller, architect and one of the founding fathers of tensegrity (principle applied on the design of the heart of the pavilion) and known for its geodesic domes; and the second to the dancer and choreographer Loïe Fuller and her Serpentine dance (to which may make us think the wings of the pavillion).



Concept by   Jordi Galí
Created also with   Jérémy Paon


Production   Arrangement Provisoire
With the help of   DAAC Académie de Lyon