Jordi Galí – Choreographer


Born in Barcelona, Jordi Galí studied contemporary dance.

He has performed with choreographers such as Wim Vandekeybus, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and Maguy Marin.


At the same time, he developed his own creative work, which led him in 2007 to create Arrangement Provisoire, which he has co-directed with Vania Vaneau since 2012.


He was an associate artist at Ramdam from 2011 to 2014, together with Vania Vaneau at Le Pacifique CDCN in Grenoble from 2016 to 2020, then at ICI – CCN in Montpellier from 2020 to 2022. They are currently associate artists at Scènes Croisées en Lozère since 2020.


His work focuses on the relationship between body and material, gesture and object, and takes place mainly in public spaces. Often monumental yet ephemeral constructions, his pieces open up a singular temporality in the environment, whether urban or landscaped, offering residents-users-viewers new perceptions of an everyday context.


He has created several works, two of which are currently on tour, CIEL and ANIMA :


T (2008): a solo for the stage, featuring a balancing act between object-machine and body-wheel.


CIEL (2010): solo, between complexity and apparent simplicity, the builder’s gestures are placed in the public space and the landscape.


ABSCISSE (2012): a trio exploring teamwork and the principle of tensegrity, where the body becomes multiple and complementary.


MAIBAUM (2015): a quintet taking an architectural approach, making and building a monumental tensile structure in which the organisation between the performers and the materials is essential.


ORBES (2018): quintet for a choreographic installation, constructions of bodies in search of a choral balance.


ANIMA (2022): a performance for 6 performers, 2 bagpipers and a monumental elevation in the public space.



He has also developed various participatory projects:


PAVILLON FULLER (since 2017) : construction over 2 days and public display of a wooden pavilion.


BABEL (since 2019) : over 3 days workshop, this project brings together 25 volunteers who assemble and manoeuvre a 12m high tower on public.


20 WATTS (2021) : a monumental wooden and illuminated creation, created with 30 volunteers on a 3-month employment integration programme and presented at the Fête des Lumières in Lyon.



Jordi Galí is currently working on two future projects: a collective creation TRAMES (2023/2024) and FAIRES a research on the relation between dance and craft for 2024/2025.