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Premiere 2021


In Nebula, Vania Vaneau approaches the human body-nature relationship as the meeting of force fields in a post-apocalyptic context. In a kind of archaeology of the future, Nebula questions what other relationships to time, craft, soil, and chimeras could emerge to draw a new cosmogony. What mutations and hybridizations could come out of chaos?


With the collaboration of visual artist and scenographer Célia Gondol, the musicians of Puce Moment (Nico Devos and Pénélope Michel) and Abigail Fowler for the lighting, Vania Vaneau axes her research on the relation between metamorphosis, apparitions, materials, and gestures that are at once archaic and telluric. It is about revealing the original state of the elements, creating healing rituals, fertilizing the space, and exploring notions of catharsis and ecstasy.

Nebula is also a crossing into the unknown, a moment of eclipse to glimpse at other possible worlds. Here, the future and the past meet, time flows in a spiral leading us to a “prehistoric science-fiction”.


Nebula is a solo, created in two versions: one for natural and outdoor spaces and one for indoor spaces.


Premiere indoor:  Extension SauvageFestival / June, 25, 2021
Premiere outdoor: Les SUBS – Lyon / Novembre 30 – December 4, 2021




Choreography and performance  Vania Vaneau
Scenography  Célia Gondol
Music  Nico Devos and Pénélope Michel  (Puce Moment/ Cercueil)
Lighting  Abigail Fowler
Creation stage manager  Gilbert Guillaumond
Stage manager  Johanna Moaligou, Marylou Spirli or Guillaume Jargot
Thanks to  Kotomi Nishiwaki, Melina Faka, Julien Quartier – Atelier De facto
Video Nebula, creation in process, realised by par Vincent Laisney
Production  Arrangement Provisoire
Coproduction  ICI – CCN of Montpellier-Occitanie (FR) and Stuk (Louvain, BE) with Life Long Burning, project supported by the European commission ; Centre Chorégraphique national of Caen in Normandie (FR), in the frame of Accueil-studio ; Programme Nomades of Nos Lieux communs (FR) (Extension Sauvage, Format Danse and A domicile) ; Slow Danse with le CCN de Nantes (FR) ; Les SUBS (Lyon, FR) ; Charleroi Danse , choreographic center of Wallonie (Bruxelles, BE) ; Le Gymnase – CDCN Roubaix and La Chambre d’eau (FR)
Support  Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes ; L’Essieu du Batut (Aveyron, FR) ; La Briqueterie CDCN du Val-de-Marne (FR)


The company Arrangement Provisoire is commited to an ecological approach within its activities. Through the creation and the tour of Nebula, Arrangement Provisoire contributes financially to organisations working towards the protection of the Amazon forest and the preservation of indigenous peoples.