An initiative by
Jordi Galí and Vania Vaneau

With Vania Vaneau and Jordi Galí, Alix de Morant, Charlotte Imbault, Wilson Le Personnic, Marie Pons (co-authors)
Collaborators Emma Merabet, Jérémy Damian (in progress)
Coordination Isabelle Drubigny
Graphics Sandra Pasini

Gathered together as choreographers within Arrangement Provisoire, a choreographic platform that Vania Vaneau and Jordi Galí have been co-directing since 2012, we would now like to question the strong axes that run through our respective artistic approaches. We want to examine their common roots in the light of the connections they weave with other fields of knowledge and other skills, and in dialogue with the thinking and practice of other artists, dance theorists and researchers.

Our choreographic gestures emerge from the friction between body and material(s). Our approaches cultivate a relationship with physical laws, with the living and the inert. They are situated at the limits of scientific knowledge, between quantum theories and spirituality, and the know-how that comes from working directly with it. An empirical and experimental knowledge, choreography – the art of making, of gesture, of time and space – is also the medium that allows us to reveal, through the body, the presence of the performers and their relationship with the scenographic elements, a reverberation of the living and the inanimate.

Corpo Mundo – for body and world matter – is an aesthetic attempt to understand our environment, through the exploration of various forms of writing that question the choreographic experience. In our work, we explore dynamic flows, and starting from the premise that the body always acts and reacts in continuity with what surrounds us, we see it in a tangle of reciprocal influences. Everything is in motion within us and around us, from the quantum particle to the Universe. So what tools can we use in choreographic creation to bring out the kinetic currents that animate and reanimate the world? To what extent can our relationship with the landscape, the creation of artefacts and the care we give to beings (human and non-human) be seen as different expressions of one and the same endeavour? Our aim is to make perceptible, through embodied experience, this dialogue between the energies that make the world become a world on a permanent basis.