Creation 2021

by Jordi Galí


The project was carried out between September and December 2021

The work was presented and animated during the Lyon Fête des Lumières in December 2021.

And was visible until January 2022.


20 Watts is a four-month collective creative project, conceived and produced with and by residents of the Lyon metropolitan area as part of their professional integration programme within the Tremplin ANEPA support structures in Lyon 1er and the Centre EPIDE in Meyzieu.

Headed by Jordi Galí and Julien Quartier (De Facto, carpentry and scenography), associated with builders, designers and lighting technicians… And in collaboration with Les SUBS de Lyon, and partner companies such as La Fabrique from Francheville.


The aim was for the 30 people involved in the project to be able to imagine, design and build a monumental, modular, eco-dynamic light assembly themselves. And to install and activate it during the Lyon Fête des Lumières on December 2021 at the Subsistance de Lyon.


Through this collective creation, the aim was to encourage, support and help crystallise the inventiveness, creativity and spirit of initiative of each individual and the group as a whole; and at the same time – using the tools of dance and bodywork – to encourage the physical and mental readiness to invest in such an artistic action.



Artistic director Jordi Galí

In close collaboration with Julien Quartier (De Facto, joinery and set design)

With Julien Pénichost (video designer), François Payrastre (sound designer), Sébastien Lefèvre and Clara Wagner (lighting design), Vincent Loubert (machinery), Maxime Prangé (graphic designer)

Technical consultant and co-ordinator Katia Mozet

With the participation of Aicha Anani, Khalid Azoug, Lamria Bachmar, Nawel Delli, Mamadou Diarra, Mohamed Djamali, Ana Sabado Djouhri, Baptiste Figueiredo, Jean-Marc Font, Jonathan Gachowitch, Bérangère Gidrol, Brandon Gouin, Z. K., Chaymae Kramssi, Ayoub Lemtsbssi, Trésor Lukuku-Mwanamusa, Gwenaël Lupy, Hamaël Madi, Wossil Mahamat, Iness Mansouri, Moida Mikidadi, Lydia Moustoifa, Romane Néron, Dorcas Ngombo, Lawand Shikh Hasan, Andjami Soilihi, Florence Thiery, Henri Tiki, Lucas Ville and Patricia Youdom


Accompanied by Marie-Eve Péguy and Séverine Betton for Tremplin ANEPA; Mamadou Diarra, Nawel Delli, Bérangère Gidrol, Gwenaël Lupy, Florence Thiery, Henri Tiki and Jonathan for the Centre EPIDE Lyon-Meyzieu


In partnership with Les Subs de Lyon ; Tremplin ANEPA ; Centre EPIDE de Meyzieu

With the support of Fondation E.C.Art-POMARET ; Grand Lyon (Culture(s) et Solidarités programme) ; FIACRE de la Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes ; Pôle Action Culturelle et Territoriale de la DRAC Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes ; Ville de Lyon (Politique de la Ville programme) ; De Facto ; Ets. J. Corne & Cie ; Foussier/LBA Thivel ; Vélo’v – JC Decaux