Site Specific Installation from 14th to 19th April 2014

Festival Spider Expand at Les Subsistances de Lyon (France)


Stance is a site specific proposal done in collaboration with Festival Spider Expand.

Jordi Galí wove a net linking the buildings of Les Subsistances.


“With this intervention I imagine connecting the trhee facades of the courtyard at Les Subsistances. With this proposition I’d like to juxtapose fragility and force with the construction of a web of string, delicate and ephemeral. This absurd installation will take place over four days in the heart of Les Subsistances and will expose the labour, process, thought and conception of the action. The spectator can come and go, participate an instant or an hour, become accomplice or voyeur, engage or remain indifferent.”


Concept and construction Jordi Galí

In collaboration with Jérémy Paon and Silvère Simon


Produced by Arrangement Provisoire