Site Specific Installation from July 24th to October 24th, 2021

Aside the Madonna of Champdieu (Forez, France)


Following the invitation of Château de Goutelas for its event Abris de Fortune, Jordi Galí creates Madone, a site specific and ephemeral artwork.


The site where Champdieu’s Madonna is located informs the starting point of our shelter.
A large meadow formed by decades of vegetal waste piling, bordered by fields and vineyards. At the very end of the trail is standing the Madonna, facing a panoramic viewpoint. We are here at the intersection of landscape history, wine culture and its uncertainty.


For our ephemeral construction, we wanted to use a sober vocabulary, echoing the gestures of the vineyard: three rows of poles that stretch above almost the entire distance of the meadow; three soft arches sustained by continuous tensions passing through them. Together, they create a suspension, they suggest the possibility of a welcoming space. They are the framework for an ephemeral refuge. An inner-outer space that allows us to figure out the real shelter is none other than the landscape.

Madone is a collective realization, built with the participation of a dozen people from Forez, gathered for two days of work.



Conception and realization  Jordi Galí and Jérémy Paon

With the complicity of Gilles Bonnefoy – Les vins de la Madone


Production Arrangement Provisoire

With Le Château de Goutelas (FR)