Workshop  2018

by Vania Vaneau


Carnaval is a creative workshop project with a group of participants from different backgrounds. Over the course of a few days, they will make their own costumes and masks, culminating in a public performance.


We begin by exploring the different strata of the physical and psychic body, and the relationship of continuity between bodies and materials.


The participants are then guided through the process of making their own costumes and masks based on ritualistic and pagan references from different cultures. New identities are revealed and time is devoted to bringing the costume to life.


The project culminates in a public outdoor parade-performance, taking over the space and the relationship with the audience present. It is made up of walking and stillness, creating a community of figures, ghosts, divinities or monsters, belonging to another temporality and coming to visit the present space. Through them, the invisible bursts into everyday life…


Duration : from 1 to 4 days workshop. Around 25 minutes parade

Public-partcipants : everyone from 15 years old. From 5 till 15 participants


Already done : ESAD and CDCN Le Pacifique-Grenoble (2018), Parcours Pro TJP-Strasbourg (2018), GR5 CCN2-Grenoble (2019), L’Essieu du Batut (2019), ICI-CCN Montpellier (2020), Camping CN D-Lyon (2022)