Lab  2023

by Vania Vaneau and Jordi Galí

with the complicity of Mathilde Monfreux and Jeanne Vallauri


Laboratoire de Recherche et Atelier de Transmission d’Arrangement Provisoire with the Scènes Croisées de Lozère

Dates: 2 to 6 May 2023

Venue: Cie. L’Hiver nu - La Fabrique du Viala



Our worlds – Vania Vaneau’s, Jordi Galí’s, Mathilde Monfreux’s and Jeanne Vallauri’s – although very different, come together in the exploration of the body and gesture in relation to matter. And each of us is also driven by a strong interest in issues relating to transmission and its relationship with artistic creation.


The PREAC 2021 programme at ICI-CCN de Montpellier was an opportunity for us to organise a day of meetings around doing, feeling and thinking. We organised a collective crossing that attempted to question – together with the participants – what makes a group and what makes a contemporary ritual. It was also an attempt to defy the forced isolation resulting from the health restrictions linked to the COVID, by creating a communal and sensitive space.


The aim of this laboratory, organised as part of the Arrangement Provisoire association with Scènes Croisées and in association with Cie L’Hiver Nu, was to continue in 2023 a sensitive exploration and a structured pooling of shared intuitions and knowledge, to attempt the creation of shared tools, both aesthetic and pedagogical, that would enable us collectively and individually to broaden our own practices of transmission and creation.


Over the course of the week, several areas of discussion and experimentation emerged around the following themes: Learning, Practice, Care, Performance, Matter, Space and Word.


This research laboratory gave rise to a final workshop day, to which participants were invited to join us in experiencing the three days’ progress, with all its questions and attempts.