Workshop  2021

by Vania Vaneau


From a base of physical and somatic practices inspired by BMC, Kundalini, Authentic Movement, Lygia Clark’s “relational objects” as well as different practices of improvisation and composition, this workshop seeks to study the zones of edge or contact, near or far, which exists between the interior and exterior space of the body. By questioning how the body connects to its environment, the human with the non-human, we aim to explore and refine the entanglements between perception, movement and imagination.


By activating the imagination, listening and observing others, we go through experiences on the different layers of the physical and psychic body and on the relationship of continuity that is established between the bodies. We use materials of different shapes and textures, such as fabrics and others, which allows to create a link between sensation, imagination and composition as well as drawing or writing in a search for developing a physical and choreographic language.



All types of duration and public