Strategies to do better together

A creation of Arrangement Provisoire Jordi Galí & Vania Vaneau



CACTUS workshop was born from the Laboratory “Faire(s) Collectif(s)” in November 2020, in partnership with Le Pacifique CDCN of Grenoble.


With CACTUS we want – through the means and knowledge of our artistic practices – to aborder thorny issues:


how to better understand each other in a work place;

how to become aware of what is active in a collective work, what makes us progress or hinders us;

and therefore, how to create collectively positive dynamics to better face collaborative situations.


CACTUS is a life-size construction workshop with a group of people already constituted or destined to collaborate in the future and wishing to gather around a common, sensitive and creative experience, outside of daimly routine.


During one day, the group is invited to design and carry out a collective objective: to build together an ephemeral and monumental construction.

With CACTUS, we want to offer a playful and creative context, sensitive support and a range of creative tools so that the group can initiate and carry out this joint project on its own. The aim is to generate a situation of collective, autonomous and balanced participation, but also to allow an awareness of the difficulties that such a process generates.