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ANIMA: Teaser

ANIMA : interview Jordi Galí / FESTIVAL RIAS 2022 – Tébéo


With Anima, the breath that moves the material will have a protagonist part. In latin, anima refers to the act of breathing.
By extension it also means the soul and relates to the vital principle of breathing life into the body.

The piece would reveal the emergence and reappearance of a ramified shape, using several materials spread out on the ground. The performers standing all around in a circle would come in progressively, to outstretch and animate the structure on a 15 meters height. The conjunction of the overall movements of the bodies and the materials would reveal the spaces in-between, giving them a shape, a volume. 

With the creation of ANIMA I imagine building a circular space and a suspended time, where bringing together performers, spectators, passers-by, inhabitants, men, women and children has a protagonist role in the proposal. This space would be like a parenthesis opened in the heart of the cities, where we could gather side by side in the here and now. As when taking a common breath creates a temporary suspension.

After ten years without using sound or music in any of my pieces, ANIMA is the chance for me to start a new exploration by collaborating with bagpiper, composer and improviser Erwan Keravec, who would play the great Highland bagpipe live in the piece.


Conception  Jordi Galí

Creation and performance Anne-Sophie Gabert, Lea Helmstädter,Konrad Kaniuk, Julia Moncla, Jérémy Paon, Jeanne Vallauri, with Jordi Galí, Julien Quartier & Silvère Simon
Music Erwan Keravec
Live musicians :
Erwan Keravec & Tangui Le Cras, with Mickaël Cozien & Adrien Laperche
Technical crew Julien Quartier, Katia Mozet
Structure: Nicolas Picot, CEN.Construction

Performance for 6 performers and two musicians in the public space.
Duration :  30 mn

Premiere 2022
Production Arrangement Provisoire
Coproduction IICI – CCN of Montpellier Occitanie (34); Mercat de les Flors (Barcelone);Le Quartz – Scène nationale of Brest (29) ; Lieux Publics – CNAREP & Pôle européen de production Marseille (13) ; Pronomade(s) en Haute Garonne – CNAREP (31) ; CCN2 Grenoble (38) ; L’Atelline – Lieu d’activation art & espace public (34); Les Tombées de la nuit (35); La Coloc’ de la culture (63); Le Pacifique – CDCN Grenoble (38) ; Art’R lieu de fabrique itinérant pour les arts de la rue (75) ; La Maison des Métallos (75) ; Le Fourneau – CNAREP Brest (29).
With Aide nationale à la création pour les arts de la rue – DGCA, Adami
With the support of Groupe des 20 Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes ; De Facto, La Transverse, with the complicity of KompleX KapharnaüM