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BLANC is based on a research about trance and transformation. Trying to peel the layers of the body and its environnement revealing the multiple faces that composes the individual in the same way white color is made of all the other colors. The change of skin, the figure of the shaman. The body is crossed by fluxus of energies and images. It is, in one side, material and limitated, and in the other side utopic, multiple and infinit. Moving between the strata of a continum that goes from reality to fiction, from present to imaginary, and from rational to unrational.

Conception and Performance by   Vania Vaneau
Assisted by   Jordi Galí
Sound   Simon Dijoud
Costumes  Vania Vaneau

Lighting   Johann Maheut

Creation   2014
Production and Touring   Arrangement Provisoire
Supported by   Ramdam – Lieu de Ressources Artitiques (Lyon, France), Le Pacifique / CDC Grenoble (France), CCN Rillieux-la-Pape, direction Yuval Pick (Lyon, France), L’Animal a l’Esquena (Girona, Espagne)
With the complicity of Les Subsistances, 2012 – 2013