My artistic research connects the body with a plastic/visual work, making and manipulating materials, scenography, costumes as physical elements. I am interested in creating a continuity between the interior and the exterior of the body, in a sensorial relation between bodies and between bodies and their environment.

I search how the visual and material elements activate movement, thoughts, memory, imagination, going from the experience to the fiction, from concrete things to abstraction. 

I work around the idea of an archaeology of the body with its physical and mental layers and I explore the different states of body and mind through trance, dream, rituals and transformation. 

Thus the body, the dancers, are not the only motor of the action but a medium between things. It enlarges its presence to the landscape in the idea of a porous, empathetic and a kind of animist approach to the space, things, other bodies.
In this framework, I am also searching a relation with the public that is empathetic, from the stage to the audience, so there is less separation between activity and passivity actor and observer.