Arrangement Provisoire was founded in 2007 in Lyon.

In its evolution Arrangement Provisoire made the choice of mutualization. Today its team, tools and experience are at the service of two unique and complementary projects. Vania Vaneau -São Paulo 1982- and Jordi Galí -Barcelona ​​1980- dancers and choreographers, lead within Arrangement Provisoire their creations. Each one deploys his own language while sharing their expertise both in thinking and in developing their projects.

In 2016 they were named Associated Artists at  Le Pacifique CDCN de Grenoble. Under proposal of the founder Christiane Blaise this project will be built for the next three years together with Marie Roche, the new director.

Thus in 2016 Arrangement Provisoire may claim fully to be supporting creative and educational projects from Jordi Galí and Vania Vaneau.
As dancers they worked with internationally renowned artists such as Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Wim Vandekeybus, Maguy Marin, Christian Rizzo or Yoann Bourgeois, among others.

As choreographers, they have already created a dozen pieces. Since 2008, Jordi Galí has created T, Ciel, 22 Cailloux, Abscisse, Maibaum, Pavillon Fuller and ORBES. He is currently preparing the new project BABEL. Vania Vaneau created in 2014 the solo piece Blanc, it received the SACD- Beaumarchais 2015 Price. She created the duet Ornement in 2016 in collaboration with the dancer Anna Massoni. And she is currently creating the new piece ORA (Orée). This new creation will be premiered in spring 2019.

The pieces of Vania Vaneau are produced primarily on the trays and focus of different physical and subjective strata of the body as continuity of its environment. Relating to anthropology, psychology, and somatic or spiritual practices. Vania Vaneau is creating a link between organicity, memory, theatricality and plasticity.

The work of Jordi Galí explores mainly the relationship between gesture and object. Looking for bridges between dance and craftsmanship. It confronts mainly to the environment and public space, with a performative and architectural proposal – sometimes monumental – often built directly under the viewer’s gaze.

Arrangement Provisoire is supported by the City of Lyon (assistance to Artistic Teams), by the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region (Artistic Team – project support) and by DRAC Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (Structural Assistance 2017-2018) .