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Creation 2024

by Jordi Galí


– Workshops exploring the wind
For teenagers and young adults

(In creation: PIPA could be proposed on a regular basis from spring 2024)

PIPA is a proposed workshop aimed at children, young teenagers and very young adults, with the possibility of adaptation depending on the type of participants, the context and the timing of the sessions.

Current events are a constant reminder of the importance of rethinking our relationship with nature, of the need to lay the foundations for a new inter-species diplomacy, for genuine respect for the beings, animals and plants with which we share planet Earth. With PIPA, we want to invest our imaginations in the poetic appropriation of a primary force: the wind.

Starting with the kite – known in Brazil as the pipa – the project aims to unfold a series of events that appeal to the gestures, eyes and inventiveness of young people. With the intuition that the dialogue between body and material, between gesture and object, profoundly shapes our anatomy, our emotions, our imagination and our being in the world. PIPA is intended to be a workshop in several stages, bringing into play the powers of perception, feeling and apprehension:

– First of all, there will be times dedicated to the body and to bringing participants together using choreographic tools ;
– A series of moments will be dedicated to the scientific understanding of the phenomena that generate the earth’s wind, and to the sensitive exploration of this element;
– This will be followed by an introduction to the process of making a kite by hand, using paper, wood and thread;
– Then there will be time to enjoy the sensitive play with the forces of the wind that the kite interface allows.

This process can be continued in a second stage with the collective design of an unidentified artistic and flying object: from its invention to its manufacture and flight.

Duration 5 sessions for 18 hours of workshops

Created by Jordi Galí
Produced by Arrangement Provisoire
With the support of Ateliers Médicis