Workshop  2018

by Jordi Galí


The workshop can be offered to groups or individuals, to children and adults, and can take place over several sessions.


The show ORBES is made up of body structures, ephemeral architectures that are the result of traction and compression efforts between the performers, choral balance situations made up of individual imbalances.


Linked to the creative process and based on the principles of the piece, this workshop allows for multiple sharing. It is suitable for people of all ages and backgrounds, and can be built around a variety of contexts and timeframes.


This workshop offers the opportunity to explore the simplified principles of ORBES, with varying degrees of intensity. After warming up together, the participants are brought together in small groups to create their own structures based on precise parameters: the relationships between the members of the group, the parts of the body that must be in contact with each other and the time they must hold the structure together once it is balanced. These parameters are first determined by chance with dice, and then finally it is by empirical exploration of the physical possibilities that the structures are formed.