April 27th- May 3rd > postponed 3-6 sept 2020
Concentrico – International Festival of architecture and design
at Logroño – Spain

Invited by the Concentrico Festival, Jordi Galí and his collaborators imagined Arcos, an in-situ creation with, as a starting point: 20 wooden boards. Arcos is an installation born out of the desire to deploy a human and constructive gesture for the Plaza de Santiago at Logroño, all along the festival. Mineral and bare place, it seduced us by the minimalism of its soft curves, the breath it offers us, the rhythm of its cypresses and by the opening towards the sky and the Ebro that it gives us.

By respecting and highlighting the long length of the square, we imagined the realization of an installation of 40 meters long on 3 levels and which draws 2 large soft and vertical arches. The wooden boards will be linked together thanks to cables and will remain above the ground using the principle of tensegrity. Day by day, we will build it in the public space so that from the ground, Arcos raises up and ends around 7m high.

A poetic, abstract and geometric intervention, Arcos is a huge house of cards that echoes the rhythm of the cypresses, extending an impossible perspective towards the rear facade of the Church of Santiago. The arche it draws reconnects the curved lines of the Plaza de Santiago with the old district of Logroño. It extends the curves of this square into three imaginary and almost concentric horizontal circles – with its epicenter located in front of the Café Moderno and its edges touching at the level of the old Fabrica de Tabacos.


This project come from a close and long collaboration between dancers and carpenters. Jordi Galí invites here two of his collaborators: the dancer and bricoleur Jérémy Paon and Julien Quartier, co-founder with Charles Robin, of De Facto, a carpenterie workshop, conception of scenographic design and realizations of contemporary art projects.

Arcos is a site specific installation for Concentrico #6.