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Premiere 2021


Vania Vaneau and Anna Massoni revisit Ornement, a piece created by the duo in 2016. The choreography and its scenography become, for an afternoon, a new experimental space. The public is invited to circulate around the installation activated by the artists before discovering a new performance.


« The search for Ornament is based on the different layers or degrees of intensity of the body, of the movement, in continuity with the surrounding space. From abstraction to potential narration, from the organic to the fictional, it is a game of recoveries and revelations of the two bodies in a changing landscape. »


Choreography and performance Vania Vaneau and Anna Massoni

Light design Angela Massoni

Music Denis Mariotte

Technic Gilbert Guillaumond


Photos Karine Marchand


Production Arrangement Provisoire

Coproduction  ICI – CCN de Montpellier (FR)