Jordi Galí explores the relationship between the body and the object through installations, live constructions -fantastical architecture. Their shape becomes readable only at the close of the performance, unveiling both the sense and indeed the necessity of each gesture.

Maibaum, created on 2015, gives shape to a monumental volume of space carefully woven by 5 interpreters.
Artists and builders, they invite us to watch a community at work. Out of their shared gestures, precisely coordinated and articulated around a mast, emerges a space, a matrix,  an ephemeral projection. After two hours work spectators are invited to enter the space, to come and go at will, to choose their own timing and thus to both create the space and to experience it.

…on tour

Directed by   Jordi Galí


Creation and performance   Jordi Galí, Lea Helmstädter, Jérémy Paon, Vania Vaneau (alternating with) Anne Sophie Gabert, Jeanne Vallauri
Also created with   Silvère Simon
Costumes   Vania Vaneau
Construction support Julien Quartier
Thanks to    Laboratoire de Mécanique et Génie civile de Montpellier, le Mur de Lyon, Jean Pellaprat, Guillaume RobertPhoto credits   Jean Pellaprat


Production   Arrangement Provisoire

Executive production   extrapole
Coproductions Festival de la cité (Lausanne), Les Tombées de la nuit (Rennes), L’Abattoir / Centre National des arts de la rue (Châlon-sur-saône), Les Subsistances (Lyon), Parc de la Villette (EPPGHV, Paris)
With the support of  El Graner (Barcelone), Espace Périphérique (Mairie de Paris – Parc de la Villette), Domaine Départemental de Chamarande, L’Avant-Scène (Cognac), Ramdam (Sainte Foy-les-Lyon)

With the project fund of DRAC Rhône-Alpes