“For this creation, we focus on the possibility for a dance to contain different levels of dramatic intensity, constantly traveling between an organic quality and a potentially narrative movement, our hands becoming patterns, the eyes our jewels, the skin our finery.

Establishing a continuity between reality and fiction, inside and outside, organic and figurative, we use our bones, muscles, imagination, emotions, the sound and the lights as a whole of visible and invisible substances, interacting and transforming our bodies as moving landscapes, unfolding the potential stratum of the movement, and revealing « ruins-gestures », the remains of a narrative, to produce visions of a very ancient drama. Fragments of figures appear and disappear in our bodies, hang on them, as ornaments. “


Choreography and dance  Vania Vaneau and Anna Massoni
Lights Angela Massoni
Music  Denis Mariotte
Assisting with Scenography   Jordi Galí
Outside Looks  Jordi Galí, Vincent Weber, Simone Truong
Executive Producer  Arrangement Provisoire
Co-productions   Paris Réseau Danse (Atelier de Paris, Théâtre de l’Étoile du Nord, Studio Le Regard du Cygne, Micadanses)
Supported by   Fondation Beaumarchais-SACD, Le Pacifique – CDC Grenoble, Le Vivat scène conventionnée (Armentières), Le Point Ephémère (Paris), Micadanses (Paris), L’échangeur – CDC Picardie, Le Gymnase – CDC Roubaix, CCN de Grenoble, Les Subsistances (Lyon), Lieues (Lyon).