2021 creation

With Nebula, Vania Vaneau considers the human body-nature relationship as the meeting of force fields in a post-apocalyptic context.

As an “archeology of the future”, Nebula is a research on what other kinds of relationships to time, making, soil, animals and cosmos could arise? Which mutations and hybridizations could happen? What would remain of the cultural construct of a whole society?

With the visual artist Célia Gondol, Vania Vaneau focuses her research on materials and gestures based on handcraft and working the soil. It will be about weaving, sewing, bending, pouring, breaking, picking up, but also to create healing rituals, to fertilize the space and explore catharsis and ecstasy.

From the Greek, “catastrophy” means “big shift”, and Apocalypse is “the unveiling”. Nebula is then also a crossing towards the unknown, a moment of eclipse to glimpse some possibles. The future and the past will be united in a sort of spiraled conception of time that leads a “prehistoric science-fiction”.

Nebula will be a solo, created in two versions: one for natural and outdoor spaces (summer 21) and one for indoor spaces (autumn 21). 

Choreography and performance Vania Vaneau
Scenography Celia Gondol
Music on-going
Lighting Abigail Fowler (on-going)

Production Arrangement Provisoire
Coproduction ICI – CCN de Montpellier, CDCN le Pacifique Grenoble, Slow dance with CCN de Nantes, L’Essieu du Batut (Aveyron), Life Long Burning – European Project, Format danse (Ardèche), CDCN Le Gymnase – Roubaix and la Chambre d’eau, Program Nomades – Nos Lieux communs (Extension Sauvage, Format danse et A domicile).

Support La Briqueterie CDCN du Val-de-Marne, Les Subsistances – Lyon
Others partners are on-going.

Outdoor premiere at summer 21: on-going
Indoor premiere at autumn 21: on-going